Outstanding Audio/Visual Services and Much More

We’ve all been in this situation. You’re in an important meeting, or a conference you’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The presenter steps to the podium or the front of the boardroom, and nothing happens. He can’t get the presentation to load properly, or you can’t hear any audio from the soundtrack. It’s frustrating for you, and just imagine how stressful it is for the person on the hot seat.

The best away to avoid this dreadful scenario for any presentation you are overseeing is by leaving the details in the hands of professionals who specialize in audio/visual services. In that way, when you press play, good things will happen, and the sounds of silence won’t ring throughout the room.

More than Sights and Sounds

At Impact Technology Group, we are proud of the versatility we offer to our clients. We are fully prepared to take care of the routine AV tasks, but we offer much more as well. We handle audio systems and event lighting and behind the scenes chores also. We’ll work with you right away from the earliest planning and site selection stages through hospitality and music.

By contacting our team for your event, you are getting everything you need to showcase your company in the best possible light and with the minimal amount of fuss on your part.

Show Services

Theme & Content Development, Audio/Visual Staging And Production Services

Presentation Systems

Design/Build Systems Integration

Meeting Services

Planning, Site Selection, Registration, Hotel Reservations, Travel Arrangements, On-Site Logistics, Welcome Desk, Post-Meeting Evaluations

Hospitality Services

On-Site at Hotels & Resorts Nationwide


Themed Events, Props, Galas, Award Shows, Music, Decorative Lighting, Talent