Association Executives


Nothing makes an impression on your association faster than a flawless and visually appealing audio/visual presentation. Impact Group can help you succeed in achieving this level of professionalism within all your presentation needs.

We can assist from the very beginning of your project. We will work with you on developing the appropriate presentation strategy to help communicate clearly the message goals of the project. We produce communications media (i.e. digital slide presentations, video, etc.), write speeches, coach executives, write scripts, develop ideas and themes, produce printed materials (i.e. handout literature, conference newsletters, etc.) with theme graphics (tied to the screen graphics), signage, hard or soft sets to support the message goals (creating a professional and upscale look to the venue), etc.

And, we will work within your budget constraints without compromising production value. Audio Visual Services is a partner that understands what it takes to produce a quality event without escalating costs needlessly.

We also eliminate your need to work with a multitude of outside vendors. With Impact Group you get a seasoned company that offers a variety of services under one roof one team.